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Patricia A. Crisp, ND, HHP, CNHP

Heathcare Is A Right And Not A Privilege


Discovering Wellness

Where Healthcare is a Right not a Privilege!

Patricia A Crisp, ND, CNHP, HHP

As a classical Naturopath, I specialize in healing. My use of natural remedies is designed to support the body's innate wisdom and natural tendencies toward renewal and replenishment to achieve optimal health.  Your health reflects your unique life history, including your beliefs, habits and emotional style.  The path to wellness is as personal as the circumstances that contributed to your life. 


I focus on identifying the root causes of your symptoms then tailor a protocol specifically for you, to enable you to work with your body's own innate self-healing intelligence, ultimately leading to wellness.

You are a miracle,



For so many long years I have been having this pain on my right side and after going through to many doctors and not finding out what I had, I decided to pursue natural medicine. Pat has been a blessing to my health. I have been with her for many months now, and it has been a process; nevertheless, the process has been worthy as I am feeling much better and with the faith that I will completely be healed. Thank you Pat for your wonderful services, knowledge, professionalism, and optimism when treating me.


Dr. Patricia Crisp teaches many classes. From the first class: Energy... to the last class, My Story and Changing My Story, your life will be truly Blessed. Many Ah Ha moments in these classes with real life therapies are abundant. Don't miss the chance to attend her classes. A must on your bucket list. Sign up tomorrow. You will find the real meaning of LOVE.


Pat has been a blessing to me!! My initial need for Pat’s service was to work on my under producing thyroid. Prior to taking a thyroid drug, I did not have the thyroid-related symptoms of sleeplessness, restlessness, hair thinning and dry skin. After taking a thyroid drug, these symptoms appeared. Yes, the symptoms appeared after taking the drug and had been non-existent before. My goal was to get off the thyroid medication. Pat’s treatment started about three years ago. After about a year and a half, I decided on my own, to stop taking the thyroid drug and only take what Pat prescribed. I have continued to have my blood tested every six months and my thyroid levels have continued to be within the “normal” range. My regular doctor is quite amazed by this needless to say.Because of Pat’s treatment of my thyroid; her overall treatment of my body; and her helping me make connections between my body and emotions, I am sleeping well; my hair is no longer thinning; and above all, I feel a greater sense of peace and well-being. I have continued to see Pat on a regular basis and I marvel at what I have learned from her. I have also taken her classes and benefitted from the life coaching she does as she interprets my body scan. I am eternally grateful for her!!!!!!!!




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