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1. Dowsing - a form of measuring and manipulating energy


2. TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)


3. Modalities I

  •        Feng Shui

  •        Color Therapy 

  •        Music Therapy

  •        Gem and Stone Therapy

  •         Birds, Animals and Insect Therapy

  •         Numerology

  •         Astrology as a science which includes your Natal Chart


4. Modalities II

  •        Reiki

  •        Herbology

  •        Homeopathy

  •        Applying Quantum Physics to the body for Healing


5. Healing The Emotions


6. Children


7. My Story/Changing My Story


Classes consist of 6-8 two (2) hour sessions

Dowsing is a pre-requisite for taking the other classes

Participation: in person, Skype or telephone


Cost: $54.00



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